About Us
Established in 1977, DEECO started off as a small electric motor rewinding shop.
We have continuously strived to expand and improve our operations and we have never looked back.
At DEECO we recognize that business is carried out between people and not just companies so we always endeavour to build upon the personal relationships we have established with both customers and suppliers.
Today DEECO is ISO9001 : 2000 CERTIFIED and our operations can be divided into three main departments ;
1) Manufacture of transformers, inductors, coils and power supplies...
Our transformer department produces standard products such as Pcb-mounting transformers for the electronics industry, Control transformers, Safety isolating transformers, L.V. lighting transformers, Bell transformers, Auto-transformers and 3-phase transformers.
All products are manufactured to EN61558.
Using modern CNC / computerized machinery and equipment together with our long expertise we are able produce good quality products at competitive prices.
Over 95% of our production is exported to major European destinations and also to the Middle East.
Transit time for consignments up to client's door within Europe is approximately 1 week and for EU member countries no customs documents are required.
DEECO also manufactures transformers and other wound products to customers’ specific requirements.
We also supply transformers to other European transformer manufacturers.
This is a proof of our flexibility, reliability, quality and competitiveness.
2) Rewinding and servicing of motors, generators and other electrical equipment...
Our rewinding and servicing department serves all local commercial and industrial needs for the testing, servicing and rewinding of all types of motors, generators, transformers, coils and other magnetic equipment.
We offer, and deliver, an efficient and reliable service which has made us the largest and leading rewinding shop in Malta.
We are capable of delivering a very fast and efficient rewind service as we understand that the customers’ downtime should be as minimal as possible.
3) Import and sales of electrical control equipment and also assembly of motor control units
     and control panels...

We have another department which involves the design and assembly of motor control panels, such as Inverter drives, soft-starter panels, Pool and Spa control units and other control panels.
We also import and sell a vast range of equipment such as: Motors, Gear-motors, Frequency Inverters, Soft-starters, Voltage Stabilizers, Power Supplies, Contactors and associated control gear.

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